Jim & Marilyn Law | Farm Owners

Jim & Marilyn lived and worked overseas for years, raising their children in the UK, Zambia, Kenya, Soudan, the USA and Saudi Arabia, before returning to New Zealand to pursue a dream they had “parked” way back in their twenties.  That dream was to create a large scale sheep & beef farming operation.  
The initial step towards that dream, the purchase of Burnside, was taken while they were still overseas.  It also provided Kiwi “roots” for their children, previously, New Zealand was where their grandparents lived.  The main Palliser Ridge block was created fairly rapidly once Jim & Marilyn were living full-time at Burnside.  
Jim and Marilyn focus on the big picture, Palliser Ridge’s Vision and Mission.  They delight in the wisdom and energy of the young team running the farm under Kurt’s leadership and try and help with empowerment, motivation and the odd bit of, hopefully, sage advice. 
Jim also helps with achieving the environmental aspects of Palliser Ridge’s Vision and he keeps the books.